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Best GFX Card for FSX

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What will be the best GFX card for FSX

I have a budget of £70
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What res will you be playing at?
i have a 19 inch monitor

i don't really know what the best res is
Your max resolution is probably 1440x900 (that's what my 19 inch monitor is). Isn't your 3870 cutting it for you?
FSX is very CPU- dependent. Your graphics card is more than enough for FSX maxed, the problem is your processor. I wou;d suggest saving up a bit more and getting a new CPU, you won't see any gains by changing your GPU (in FSX, that is).
You won't get anything better than what you have for £70.
Can you overclock the CPU - the e4500 should overclock well - maybe get a new mobo with the £70
Grab a new processor

An E5200 + overclocking maybe? (Or grab a good cooler if you don't have one and overclock your current one)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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