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Best gfx card under $150

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My friend wants to upgrade his gfx card from an integrated ati x200, and who wouldn't, but he only has $150 to spend. He needs a pci-e x16 card and doesn't care who makes it. I only posted the thread in the ATI section because of my biased opinion towards ATI, lol.

So with that said, what is the best pcie graphics card out there under $150?

ATI X1950 Pro?
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X1950PRO, or 7900GS. I personally got the x1950PRO because of its better image quality, and its ability to run HDR and FSAA at the same time. (overclocks like crap, though).
X1950Pro easily. And they aren't that bad of overclockers.

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8600GTS. DX10, good DX9 performance.

I'm not even convinced that the 8800's will be able to play future DX10 titles comfortably....
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i don't think he wants to go back to the x1300, and I'm not convinced that a first gen dx10 card is the way to go, so that leaves us with the X1950PRO, and the 7900GS. Okay
Definetely the 8600GTS. It has DX10 support and is on-par, if not better than the X1950 Pro
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Take a look at the 2600XTs... they are supposed to be outrunning the 8600GTs with the newest drivers.

The best choices are the 2600/8600/1950.... EXCEPT

This one owns them all, 1950XT 256mb

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