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Best HDD Enclouser

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Ok, so yea. I know nothing about whats good here, so show me some good ones. I want one for my next build(s).

I guess what I'm looking for is
  1. Sata II
  2. 2-4 slots
  3. and hot swapable

Like always, reps for the helpful.
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My experience, without having tried them all, is that they're pretty much the same most of them if you buy an avrage decent one.. no big difference in preformance.. just different solutions for cooling and amount of drives you can put in them..

What sort of case are you thinking of buying? Check if there are any HDD enclosures that goes with it..
If you're getting a Lian Li case they have some nice enclousers for their cases.. yes, I love Lian Li
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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