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What is your maximum budget? $800

What country are you in? United States

What will be the uses of this laptop? Gaming/Entertainment

Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you? None

What screen size do you require? ≧15"

What screen resolution do you require? ≧1366 x 768

Are you looking to buy NEW or would refurbished/recertified/used be okay? Primarily new, but if the reliability/price allows refurbished, or recertified will suffice.

How long should the battery last? (Under optimal conditions, no movies/games/heavy internet) At Least two hours.

What games would you like to play with your laptop? And on what settings? Crysis 2/Starcraft 2: Med-High

What operating system do you need? (if any) Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Is there a certain style of laptop you want? (aluminum, black, gaming, etc.) Gaming

How much hard drive space do you need? ≧320

Do you need any special hardware? (blue ray, webcam, specialty ports, etc.) Nothing special, however, a webcam would be nice.

Due to difficulty finding laptops within the 750 dollar budget I'm increasing the budget by $50.
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