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best manufacturer of the 5850

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What brand do you guys prefer?
Xfx? Saph?
I might be buying one soon, so I want to get all the details.
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I'd say Sapphire, but any brand will be fine, all the cards are reference at the moment, so only warranties/customer service will differ. If you want a good warranty XFX is the best bet.
I'd just go for what's cheapest personally.
i agree with coffeejunky, they are all reference design so they all should be about equal. It comes down to the warranty, and aesthetics mainly.
I would go Asus and Sapphire but they only got 1 year warranty.
I vote sapphire. Pretty good customer support from my experience.
my vote is for xfx due to how badass their designs usually are, their great packaging, and a double lifetime warranty
. despite what some people may say I have still considered them numero uno for ATi ever since I got my first 4890.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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