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Best memory available, for i7 setup

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Hi just stopping by to see what the top performing DDR3 is right now.

I haven't been keeping up with everything lately so I need some help. Building a new i7 rig and looking for 6gb-8gb.

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Well it looks like for i7 you can either buy 3x1gb or 3x2gb so i would suggeset getting the second option. As for the speed i'm not sure myself I'm contemplating getting 1333 or 1600.
Ok, just trying to find out if there's anything specific that's really good.

Otherwise I'll just go with something from OZC or Corsair because they are solid companies.
I myself am going with the corsair brand. Many people here like the G.Skill though.
Yeah I just looked on Corsair's site and they are releasing some new Dominator DDR3 6GB/3GB kits.

Really good looking stuff, most likely going to go with that.
I'm eying Corsair's new TR3X6G1866C9DF 1866MHz 9-9-9-24. 1.65V.

Just to add to this:

Between say the top companies (OZC, Corsair Crucial) which do you think will perform the best. Will I be able to tighten the timings with any of these top triple channel kits?

Are there any comparisons/benchmarks for the new DDR3 memory?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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