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Best OS for video streams?

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I'd like an opinion for best OS with webcam/dv stream manipulation and dvd burn data transport (my rig is Asus P5Q-EM, but considering from an open standpoint of any hardware) for effiiently handling 1-4 concurrent streams. Any votes?
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probly a mac or vista 64 bit since it has the most programs for that stuff
Pretty much any OS will do depending on specs. Your sig rig could handle it no prob with vista, win7, XP, and probably hackintosh if you so desired.
Hell, even a lowly P4 with 512mb RAM running Linux could do waht you're after.

Sounds like you're setting up a monitoring cam?
Yeah, sorta. Actually am going to take usb 2 cam video clips of children from birthday parties and convert to cartoon then index the clips to headshots in the dvd menu structure. DV quality doesn't matter that much since the image will be 'painted' over anyway, but (am leaning against) realtime dvd origination and conversion on the spot would be nice. Have been looking at usb dvd burners and am wondering a) about getting streams burned efficiently without streaming conflicts and 2) if burners can be effectively daisychained... btw, can't figure out indents?
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So maybe hackintosh with xcode?
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