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Bang for buck + basic gaming might be what I've got, the Recon3D. But there are better signal-to-noise ratios out there, and frankly there are probably better overall & cheaper cards out there.

I got it because it was very clear from reviews and in the manual that it supported foolproof digital pass-through and I use a home theater amp, and I could never figure out if any of the competition did the same (pass all audio through digital port, both standard audio and format-agnostic bitstreams).

I can tell you don't get the Recon3D if you're listening to music through cans. Skimming the Z, it looks like they may have addressed their SNR issues, but I can't speak to the op-amps or DACs they use.

EDIT: LOL @ Overclock's own guide:

"Creative Soundblaster Z - This is one of the more recently releases Creative cards. After the Titanium phase they released a set of dreadful cards called 'recon 3D'. It was all a gimmick and performed horribly. Do not EVER buy those cards."

So there you go.

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