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Best overclocking for Athlon XP 2200+

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Hey guys, im not sure if this is the correct place to post this but i've been trying to overclock my system to reach better performance but no luck, im just new to it and i've overclocked the cpu from 1.80ghz to 2.10ghz *gets 80c or so while on 2.10ghz* idle im doing 54c "129F" and Motherboard its doing 30c "86f".

My system specs are as follow:

-Asus A7N8X Nvidia Nforce 2 Ultra 400

-AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (1.80ghz Without any overclocking)
-> CPU Frequency Multiplier: 13.5x
-> CPU External Freq (Mhz): 133Mhz
-> CPU Vcore : 1.600V
-> FSB Spred Spectrum: (Disabled)

-Corsair 512 MB DDR PC3200 400mhz
& Corsair 512 DDR PC2700 333mhz
-> Memory Timings: 6-3-3
-> SDRAM CAS Latecy: 2.5T
-> DDR Reference Voltage: 2.6V
-> Note: When system its rebooted at the post it says *133mhz Dual Channel *

-eVGA Geforce 6600GT 128DDR AGP8X (Modded with a CPU Fan, overclocked pretty high, around 540/1.04 or 1.4 not sure, note: i didn't touch voltage)
-> AGP 8X Support: (Enabled)
-> AGP VDDQ Voltage: 1.5V
-> AGP Fast Write Capability: (Enabled)
-> Video Ram Cacheable: (Disabled)
-> AGP Freq: (Auto)
-> Graphics Aperture Size: 64MB
-> AGP Spread Spectrum: (Disabled)

Note: after checking for all this information listed above, i im checking CPU Temp, MB Temp within the BIOS.
CPU TEMP: 72C/161F VCore:1.66V
Motherboard Temp: 30C/86F

Guys, if possible tell me whats the best i can do here to get nice performance in games, im testing this alot with Everquest 2 because i was currently doing 18-30 fps in the Performance Mode option in everquest 2's option menu. I was doing those FPS while my CPU was overclocked to 2.10ghz and my GPU to 570/1.15 (yes 1.15)... but recently i went down to 540/1.04 and back down CPU to normal clock speeds and im doing 18 - 28fps (almost exact SAME!!!)

Any ideas on how to overclock, i have a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.14ghz that my friend gave me, but no money to buy new Motherboard, PSU, Memory.......

Ideas pls, i will appreciate if you guys can help me out on overclocking this to reach at least steady 30fps not 18 - 25 (sloopy)..

Thank you!
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Well many things could be at play here:
1) cpu temps....what kind of cooling are you using??
2)The memory is gonna run at the slowest stick...set it to 166 instead of 133
3)try reading this guide to get a better understanding of how to find your thresh holds
4) get your cpu temps under control first!!

And you can fill in your system specs and user info HERE
My first question is did you just set the fsb to 200 or did you work your way up? I found that working with my XP 3000 that massive jumps tend not to work but slowly upping by about 5 MHZ and running P95 for 6-12 hours to test for stability can get you a higher overclock.

And remember, you are only as good as your slowest part. Right now i think your stick of 2700 ram is what will keep you from getting your highest overclock.

Also get a case fan that works to help overall temps.
You need some better cooling, 81C for those chips are TOASTY!
Get those under control, and run at least 50c load.
you need to reset your hsf , even with the stock hsf u wont get up to 80 c if the hsf was set properly
note : you look so proud about your gpu,s mem at 1.15 , mine is at 1.2
, no vmod
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you get more performance gains out of an old athlon xp by raising the fsb speed than the core speed i ran a xp 2000 at 2.1gig [1.66 stock] with a 333 fsb []266 stock] by uping the corevoltage to 1.75volts.this ran for years with no probs so id try raising the core voltage to around 1.7 v upto 1.75v and increase the fsb to166{333] in the bios also you could try the old wire trick to unlock the multiplier lock on the processor i will find the info for you then post a link hope this helps
looked it up and your motherboard should automaticaly unlock athlon xp,s
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but all this talk about temps got me to download MbM5 and stock temps read as follows: case 27c cpu 61c. Isn't this running too hot?
that is indeed running a bit hot, although it seems more like an error in the program or a bad temp chip. thats my guess.
I'll try another temp monitoring program and see what I get.
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