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Best Pc Case for $100-110??

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whats the best gaming case i can get aounrd 100-110??
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lol, I was just going to say a rocketfish, too. man, you guys are spot on.
Rocketfish, Thermaltake Armour, Cooler Master CM690
the rocketfish looks very nice and also cheap. where can i get these?
antec 900 or cm690. If you can find the 900 II at that price, get it.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think rocketfish are sold anymore.
You can buy one from a member or find one from like Ebay
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Cm 690

Originally Posted by tweaker123 View Post
the rocketfish looks very nice and also cheap. where can i get these?
They were clearance through bestbuy about a year ago for 50ish bucks. You can find them forsale on the boards here or maybe ebay. I wouldnt spend to much on one though, the airflow without mods isnt to great. They were really only a good deal because they were 50 bucks. You can get a nicer case for 100 bucks on newegg im sure.

any of the cases xroller mentioned would be great.
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For that price range I would Definetly go with a cooler master. They are sturdy, cool, nice looking, and very good quality.

CM = Best Bang for you buck.
It would be hard to find antec 900-1200 for exactly this price range, I got lucky and bought my antec 900 new for 99.98 from the egg. Best case!
Antec 900, CM 690, or a modded Rocketfish from a member around here someone, you should check your PMs for that offer from Noah
im getting a brand new but not modded rocketfish on ebay for like 60. woul taht be okay?
I got my Antec 1200 for 147 shipped, they were 129.99 at Microcenter online. I would check out there, cause they usually have pretty good deals on the 900 too, for like 89.99 or so.
err i need suggetions....
its either i get the rocketfish lian-li(im not going to mod it ) for about 65
or the coolmaster cm690???
which one would be better?
the compents inside would be a amd 940 and gtx285

also oe more thing if im already bidding on the case. and i wanted to cancel my highest bid ..how would i do that?
Well the Rocketfish is huge and very spacious. The CM690 would have better airflow though.

Personally I would go with the Rocketfish has a much more simple classic look.
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