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Best PSU...

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I'm getting a new PSU with the rest of the new stuff I will be buying. And at first I heard good things about the OCZ 600, but recently I have been hearing not so good things about it. So now I want to know what is the best SLi-supported PSU for under $200. Don't care what brand, just the best quality one for less than $200. It would also help if the cables come sleeved.

I have been thinking about getting a modular. Just to clarify, modular is just when the cables are detachable, right? And that is the only difference between modular and nonmodular...right?

So then I would like to know what is the best SLi-supported modular and nonmodular PSUs for under $200.
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If you're investing in something expensive as SLI; I suggest you chip in at least thirty dollars more and get a PC Power and Cooling. It's the most stable power supply available, and at 240, you can get the 850 watt flavor, I think.
Look into it, don't skimp.
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