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What would be the best setup for the Cooler Master Haf 912?

Front: 2x120mm or 200mm
Top: 2x120mm or 200mm
Side: 120mm or 140mm
Rear: 120mm

The case brings...
Front: 120mm (stock)
Rear: 120mm (stock)

I have these fans...
CM 1x120mm SickleFlow
CM 1x140mm R4
CM 1x200mm MegaFlow

Can I change the stock rear fan to the front? To have 2x120mm in front.

If it is possible, I have thought to do the following:

Rear: 120mm SickleFlow
Side: 140mm R4
Top: 200mm MegaFlow
Front: 2x120mm (stock)

What do you think?


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This is how I have mine set up (positive pressure)
1x200mm megaflow front
1x200mm megaflow top (intake)

side blocked (no fan)
rear (no fan) cut the mesh out where the fan goes

in the front I also have a 1x120mm in the drive bay area as intake (only use top bay for DVD burner)

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Personally I hate 200mm fans; I rather take smaller 120mm fans with decent air pressure. My setup is 2x120mm front (intake), 2x120mm top (exhaust), 1x120mm back(exhaust), 1x120mm side (intake). You could go for a 140mm side fan.
The side and back have those horrible stamped grills, so you are limited to slow and/or low pressure fans. Your main intake/exhaust should be the front and top.
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