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Best Software for backing up Raid 0

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What is the best software to use to make a backup copy of your drives in raid 0 to another drive? Back in the day when I was looking for software like this it was called ghosting, if that tells you how long ago I looked for something like this. Thank you.
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I use Acronis True Image, it "sees" raids and does all the selective, incremental, compressed, ect. stuff.
and is this acronic true image 2009?
Why not just use the built-in Complete PC Backup in Vista? Using ICH10R for RAID0, I've been able to successfully use it numerous times in the past.

EDIT: Noticed you're using an Nvidia board. It's been a while since I ran one of those so your mileage may vary with my suggestion. I did try using the Vista backup with my drives hooked to my board's Marvell SAS controller and the utility wasn't able to "see" the array. I was going to see whether Vista looks to the backup image for the proper RAID drivers or can only use controllers it has a native driver for (which it does for the last few generations of Intel's ICH southbridges). Unfortunately time hasn't permitted the tinkering.

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and is this acronic true image 2009?

Yep, I have 2009. Its the only one I've tried - but I have no reason to try any other.
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