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Best SSD For under 400?

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SSD noob asking whats the best ssd for around 400 ?

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any one of the ocz vertex series best performance for the money
everyone is saying intel

Originally Posted by valtopps
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everyone is saying intel

Not everyone.

I like the Indilinx controlled drives. Excellent all around performance and with companies like OCZ, unprecedented support on their forums.
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I agree with the Indilinx posts.
OCZ for that price, Intel is too expensive right now.
Although right now the intel G2 80gb is 220 at newegg til black friday sale ends... usually 290.
Agility series from OCZ are good budget range, still get superb! performance out of them
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Kingston SSDNow V 40GB times 4! Yes, 4 of them in raid 0 for sure.
They are a "Value" line but they use the M series controller. Best deal out there. If you don't like them I will buy them off you for Christmas to myself
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