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Best Tool To cut tubing?

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i was watching videos on the dangerden site and hes got some kind of clippers that slice thru the tubing like butter.

What kind a cutters are you guys using to cut the plastic tubing?

whats it called and if anyone has a link?
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I just use scissors. A cigar scissor would be ideal.
I use wire cutting pliers. It gives me a nice clean edge. Scissors aren't the greatest and they can get messed up.
A PVC cutter should cut tubing like butter, especially since it does the same on PVC pipe. You can pick one up a Lowe`s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, ect.
Bread knife.

Just kidding.

I used really sharp scissors to cut my tubing, seemed to work fine for me...
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Yup, I use scissors as well, super-sharp poultry scissors.
i bet some tinsnips would work well too, or just a good old razor blade...
I would opt for the PVC pipe cutters or one of my personal favorites, the pruning shears (available at Harbor Freight for about $5). I've also used a Stanley knife with great success; anything will do as long as it has a sharp blade.
my chainsaw.......................................... lol
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