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Best Upgrade for Second Rig

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Ok bought a comp today, a 2nd rig from a friend for 120 bucks.

Athlon 64 3700
2gb DDR 400
BFG 6800OC 128mb (unlocked to 16v6 and OC to 400/850)
500W Ultra X-Connect

Ok of course its Nforce3 250GB on a Socket 754, gonna give this to my GF to use because she wants to game with me finally, but It needs a GPU to play COD4, UT3, and MOH:A.

They all play but very poorly, I know the HD3850AGP is an option but dont want to spend that much. Right now it falls between a 6800 and 6800GT preformace wise. Any cheap upgrades for the aging AGP system that are worth it.
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wait for ati to release an agp of the 4600 series, probably this april

edit: 1000th post. woot
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I was looking @ the HD2600XT DDR2 on newegg, how does this compare, im tring to spend under 60 on this
Price isn't too bad?

It would bring that rig back to life. San Diego 3700+ is a great little CPU

Edit: GDDR2 isn't great on a 2600XT. Look for something with GDDR3.
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The Issue is the GDDR3 cards are 99 bucks, I can get the HD3850 for 119, so Id spend the extra 20 for that card. Im tring to keep in a budget, and that 3700 is a clawhammer and doesnt OC well, so its a single 2.4ghz Socket 754 computer so not alot of room to go, its already got the best CPU for it lol. Im tring to stay cheap here, just a quick and cheap upgrade.
Based on the description and that psu, give a thought on 4670. It is a 60w psu.
your best bet is the 6600gt i have on in my one old alienware from 2000 and it plays the latest games on decent setting including crysis on low lol
my 6800 128mb unclocked to 16v6 is faster than a 6600GT
I'm afraid the best ATI I've seen on AGP is the X1300.
7800GS is the highest nvidia AGP card you can get. Other than that I would recommend a 6800GT, 6800LE, 6600gt.. I might have a 6600gt FS.
Well if anyone reads offtopic and my thread i did score a board in that stuff for Socket 754. Its an ECS Nforce4 4x 754 board, thinking of swapping boards, I'll loose OC but gain PCIe, what do you think. The board does work, i tested it. He couldnt use it because it has no rear I/O panel, and the 1 SATA port got ripped off so he cant sell it in a PC so it was to be tossed.
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