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Best video card for under 200?

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I am building my new rig for home theater/gaming. I am buying most of my stuff this weekend because of the nice deals. I already purchased my cpu, mobo,ram but I need a video card. I want a silent, nicely cooled single gpu video card that will be able to handle the latest games and don't want to break 200. What do you guys recommend? New or used doesn't matter
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Originally Posted by shadow19935 View Post
Go for the HD5*** range.

I second this motion
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gotta love dx11

unless you plan on running at a higher res and need more powah, then it might be worthwhile to ditch dx11 for playability at higher resolutions
I think ill wait till there is a game I want that acutally uses dx 11 b4 I start caring. But yes a 5770 would be a fine choice. Being ready for the future... Priceless.
4890! 10-20% faster than the 5770
Hd5770 is a great card
But to be honest, I would go for a 4890 and OC that to 1000 core!
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5770 or 4890.
4890 performance wise is a little better than a 5770, but, the 5770 uses less power, OC's great, and has DX11.
which brand do you guys recommend to be silent but still nice cooling?

Originally Posted by dynoman101 View Post
which brand do you guys recommend to be silent but still nice cooling?
For the 5770, they are all pretty much the same. I like HIS and Asus for them.
The 4890 either Sapphire or HIS.
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Originally Posted by dynoman101 View Post
which brand do you guys recommend to be silent but still nice cooling?
If your into better GPU cooling, you would want the v2 cooler.


However, if you want the best overall temps, including case temp, then i would go for the original reference cooler:

In all honesty, go for the the original reference cooler. 5770 is still extremely cool and quiet compared the 4890/GTX 275 and only a tad slower.
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so will the v2 cooler or reference be quieter?
Another +1 for the 4890. Cheaper and faster than the 5770, and I just don't buy into the hype of new DirectX.

When DX10 was first coming out, everyone said it would revolutionize the world. After actual release, it was pretty blehhh. I'm predicting the same thing for DX11.
Under $200?

Radeon HD4890.

Although, if you want silence, be sure to get one with a non-reference cooler. (Or get the 5770)
HD 5770 for DX11
GTX 260 for nVidia (ATI drivers suck tbh)
5770 -low power consumption, DX11, Crossfire Scales Really Really well. (out does GTX 285 In a majority of situations, matches up to GTX295 in CF mode)

4890- Highest performance of all 3 listed, DX 10.1, sucks more power then 5770, There's a problem with the XFX Version of this card.

GTX260- Good drivers, least problems, Only DX10.
I chose my GTX260-216 over getting a 4890, and I'm glad I did. I love this thing.

But I also cared about folding
4890 or GTX260 depending on which you prefer ATI or Nvidia!
i decided to go with the asus 5770
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