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Best way to partition a new single-HD computer setup?

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I will be building my sig rig this weekend (yeah, I know, it doesn't exist yet!) As you can see it will only have a single WD6400AAKS drive, due to my budget. I'll be installing Vista 64 and want to have separate partitions for OS and my data. What's a good split, and how many partitions should I have?
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I like to leave 100GB for Vista 64 on the C: drive. Vista 64 has never used more than 60 GB, but I am a cautious individual. The rest of the partitions depend on your organizational preferences. I would personally just have the OS partition and one other partition for storage.
BTW My WD 640GB has 596GB of usable space. Just something to keep in mind
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ya, a 100gig windows partition is a bit much, but to err on the side of caution is plenty and is an easy backup image. and if you keep extensive e-mail archives the outlook files can get pretty hefty after a number of years. or depending on what you consider "main system apps"

partition 1 = OS, main system apps as well as monitoring tools (office suites, etc), and local document storage
partition 2 = all remaining space

I went overboard with partitions, but i'm an OCD organizer when i want to be.
but i've swapped over to "1 main OS partition, consolidate space and subfolder remaining storage into as few partitions as possible" mindset.

it doesn't take many times trying to find an errant file in 8 partitions, more network mappings, and a slew of not-always-on external drives to get that mindset
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