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Best Widescreen LCD

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I am looking for a nice monitor to watch dvd's on, I am going away to college in the fall, and want something that will also double as a tv ( I am going to be getting a onboard tv tuner, so a built in tuner isn't important)

I want something rather large in size, at least 20-21 Inches. And it HAS to be widescreen. I was looking at the Dell 3007WFP, the 30" mammoth of a monitor. But some people say it has problems with ghosting and making the image blurry. Which I sorta expected as it being such a large LCD display.

I don't really want to get a LCD TV that supports a computer, because of the low ball resolution supported by them. Right now I have a Samsung 997MB running at 1600 X 1200. So I am used to a high resolution.

Those are really my only specifications for it. And if you are going to ask "How much are you willing to spend," I was looking at the Dell 3007WFP as an option so something along those prices, and below.


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How odd, I am a big Samsung fan

30" is pretty insane to use as a computer monitor unless you are sitting pretty far away I would say. Better to go with two smaller ones and dual mon it - at least your desktop is easier to manage that way. (Of course, 20" makes for a good TV - but for college living.. Depends on how far away you are.. I have a 27" TV above my desk and it seems a bit big to me.. (I use two 10.1" dells as main dual-mons for computer - with some 24" Samsungs on the way.)

If you were going to go monster sizes.. Stick with Samsung.

I went to Dell and have been disapointed ever since (I actually had to update the firware in my monitors.. my MONITORS.. I don't care to mention how not fun that is...)

Little clarity.. I do buy a ton of Dell clients and low end servers. I love them in this segment. I am not sure who the sub through to make their monitors, but I have not been pleased. The default monitor I supply to my labs and team are a mix of 17-24" Samsungs now. Everyone is quite happy.
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Why dont you look at he Dell 24" one's Chim3ra has one and I'm sure you can ask him how he likes it

Native res is 19x12 something

I love my 27" LCD but it's native res isn't as high as you want it, which is fine for me. It is still HD ready (1920x1080) up to 1080i and can be used as a TV and pretty much everything else, with about 5 inputs for any video needs
My benq is a good one for widescreens. Very minor ghosting, but great picture quality. Native resolution is 1920x1200, when set there it has a very sharp picture.
I have been looking at prices of various monitors,

I can get a Samsung 224T for about $1400 to about $1600

the Dell 3007WFP for about $1600 to $1700 bucks, with a discount I get.

the Dell 2405FPW for about $800 - 900 wtih the discount.

I was thinking about geting a dual or triple monitor setup, but I think the black bar in the middle, where the monitors meet would drive me crazy.

I was going to get a LCD monitor when I first built my computer. But I hear so much about ghosting and burry images, and everything else. I went with a CRT, the tried and trusted alternate.

I just want something that can be compared with a crt, based on performance and image quality. My Samsung looks huge compared to my old 16" Gateway monitor I was working on. But I know I can get a bigger monitor with the same performance aspects, just larger and a aspect ratio of 16:9.
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One thing I want to mention to you, which I'm sure you already know. If you're a gamer, then trying to play at a high resolution is going to be hell for a 7800GT to get decent framerates.

For everyday poking around the net I'm not sure how small you want to go. I like mine at 1360x768 cause it's not too small to strain my eyes on such a huge monitor and it will be much different if you go larger than the 19" you have.

The one I have retails for $730 @ Newegg right now. I get HDTV and it's awesome. It's a Viewsonic so you know they make monitors first, TV second. It's a hell of a buy and I can still get 80-100 FPS in the games I play without a hicup.

I personally dont see the need to have the stuff on my screen smaller than it already is
I'm going to second the call for the 27"viewsonic. Honestly for the money it can not be beat! It's a great monitor, has all the inputs you need to use it as both a monitor and a TV, and the images are crisp and clear. I have the same one that I use as my main TV for my enterainment center. I also have my HTPC hooked up to it that is used for various things, including gaming. (mainly my wife playing need 4 speed underground 2)
I have actually been in this situation myself, and I have done some thorough investigation into the subject.
Seeing that the 2405 FPW is a little hard to come by these days, don't go for it. It is a great screen, but the panel it uses does not do to great in the motion area. Do not get me wrong, it is good, but not the best.
These are currently the three best Widescreen displays out in that price area. The HP gets some of the better reviews, but the Sony is spot on. It does a wee bit worse in the motion area, but it is great. I believe the Samsung is the best in color quality, and a member on this forum is endorsing them, so you may want to look into it.
I recommend the HP (I have one, a f1503, and I am 100% satisfied. No ghosting at all, and it is supposedly a low quality monitor. I love it to death.), but the Sony gets great reviews. I am tempted to suggest you flip a coin between to two.

Hope this helps.

Anandtech had this to say about the HP:


Originally Posted by Anandtech

This may be the ultimate gaming monitor under $1000

High Praise coming from Anandtech, believe me.

By the way, you know that Vista requires the HDCP connection, so this monitor may have to be replaced in a little while when you want to have it work with HD content. Just a heads up.
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Originally Posted by soloz2

I'm going to second the call for the 27"viewsonic. Honestly for the money it can not be beat! It's a great monitor, has all the inputs you need to use it as both a monitor and a TV, and the images are crisp and clear. I have the same one that I use as my main TV for my enterainment center. I also have my HTPC hooked up to it that is used for various things, including gaming. (mainly my wife playing need 4 speed underground 2)

I third the viewsonic Lol. Its a crazy monitor and TV. I can't wait till I save enough to get it!!!! Right now I have http://www.newegg.com/product/produc...82E16824116373 and its a frickin BLAST in CS:S, WoW, Splinter Cell, DAOC, and just about anything. With my old machine, it was hard to play all of those at 1400x 900 res, but with my new machine its gonna be solid.

so, if you want to spend 700 -800$, get the 27'. If you want to spend like 300-350$ get the 19'. Can't go wrong with any one of those!
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OT: Vista can suck it....I'm sticking with XP as long as I can and I feel making consumers by all this new stuff that is going to cost a lot of money is going to deter them away..i for one don't like the idea

Out of those 3 the only one you should look at is the Samsung witha 6ms repsonse, 16ms is too slow because with larger screens there will be more ghosting. I see it a little bit while watching TV and I have a 8ms I wouldnt want to know what it would be like if it were higher.

The only thing those LCDs have is a higher price and a 1920x1200 Native res, which will look really tiny comapred to soloz2's and my LCD

but if money is no option then get which ever and spend how ever much you want, but you can buy a 27" Viewsonic for every room in the house for the same price as that Dell 30"
I have been looking at them all day, and reading review upon review. And I think I am getting partial to the Samsung 244T for a couple reasons,

1) The low response rate, 6ms, as compared to 16ms for others of the same size.
2) The HIGH contrast ratio 1000:1, thats double almost all the other monitors Ive been looking at.
3) It being HDCP compliant.
4) I already own a Samsung monitor, and I was blown away with the color accuracy and its image quality.
5) At $1354 from Newegg.com, It is a great price for the quality.

Here it is on newegg.com

I am still undecided about it though. As I continue to research other products and see different flaws in each.

I am still looking at the Viewsonic N2750w as an option, as it being half the cost of the Samsung monitor.

I am gonna go out later and see a couple of my options in person and see how they compare.

Thanks to everyone for the help. Youll all be recieving Reps for your help.

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No monitor on the market is HDCP compliant. No graphics card is either.
There are no standard monitors that have HDCP but there are some LCD TV's that can be used as monitors that are equiped with HDCP

and that Samsung is HDCP compliant
Hmm, it seems that the 244t has no hard HDCP connection, but with this cable:

I think it can be done. Although I am not 100% sure how Vista and the HDCP certification process will handle it. If you have the money, go with the Samsung. If not, go with the HP 2335.
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The Dell 24" is a great buy for it's price.

I would however wait another month or two. The rumor mill has it that Dell will have another 24" widescreen LCD with the same specs that does support HDCP.

If you are impatient and would like a new monitor now the Dell 2405 FPW really is a great buy. It has built in memory card readers on the side, supports multiple inputs (up to 5) has PIP so you can watch TV on your monitor while surfing, and the max resolution is 1920x1200. If you haven't been over 1600x1200, trust me the added real estate is worth it (at least to me it is).

I've been playing Guild Wars lately, granted it's not the most graphically intensive game, but at 1920x1200 the game is extremely beautiful. I can get around 70-90 FPS pretty steady with my X800XL.

As far as money goes, and this is strictly my opinion, this really is the best buy in the sub-1000 dollar range.
Hey, just bought the Viewsonic 7250w. I am really excited as I can't wait to see how big it is in person. Should get here tomorrow. Any advice any owners want to give me?
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