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Best Wii Gun Controller

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my mate just got House of the Dead: Overkill and its pretty fun. so im gonna get it, but i want a gun attachment for it. i've got a real simple one, but im wondering, are the Wii Zappers any good? wouldnt mind getting some of the other rail shooters available, i want the most comfortable and accurate gun.

any recommendations?
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wii zapper is pretty good, its excellent for rail shooters, as is the perfect shot from nYko
my mate got these controllers shaped like a big magnum. they look sick and are pretty accurate, but your arm starts killing after a while.

is that the Perfect Shot?

thats the perfect shot
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cool, its very similar to one i already have, just wondering if there was better. any gun shaped controller will work with rail shooters yeah? or do the Perfect Shot and Wii Zapper have specific functions only available if you use those controllers..
any gun that the trigger presses the b button should work
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arite, cool. thanks for the help dude.
what game are you using this gun for?
i got 2 of the Perfect Shots. they are awesome ay, cheers for the tip.

im using them for House of the Dead: Overkill and soon, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. might get Medal of Honor after that, will see. RE5 on PS3 has my full attention at the moment.
lol seen the second one, its rubbish compared to the Perfect Shot imo. plus you need 2 hands to use it, since theres no trigger for B.

other 2 are crazy lol...all show. the crossbow looks sick though, wonder how much it weighs.

Originally Posted by Darkslide View Post
I own this gun and it's awesome to shoot with.

thats a Resident Evil skinned Wii Zapper. looks sick ay.
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After spending a long time wonder what the Nintendo guys were smoking when they put the nunchuck (naturally left hand/left hand is trained on the analog stick) in the right hand's position on the Zapper if you hold it like a right handed person would normally hold a rifle with the left hand forward.

Upon searching far and wide I found that 99% of the Wii guns accessories out there are set up the same way. I suppose you can just remove the nunchuck from the gun; but then it complicates using the "WiiZapper" controller settings in games. Finally after poking around for a while I found this design:
dreamGEAR Fragmaster: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16878995098

It allows easy access to all buttons, easy nunchuck removal, and foremost a natural feel when handled. At first it looks lopsided and wacky; but it feels very natural with your left hand up on the nunchuck. Like holding a SMG with a vertical grip up front.

Thrustmaster makes a slightly cheaper version of essentially the same thing:
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