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I've been banging my head on the floor trying to come up with a way to make a producer's job seem glamorous and exciting. All's I have to show for it is a pounding headache and a nosebleed….

My name is Jeff Gardiner and I'm a senior producer here at Bethesda Softworks. I've been on the team since the tail end of Oblivion, and have been the lead producer for all of the Downloadable Content starting with Oblivion's Horse Armor and up through Fallout 3's Broken Steel. Between these projects I produce the Design department. As a former designer myself I'm able to empathize with the creative difficulties the department often faces, and lend a hand from time to time on the high concepts of game design. Most days it's like herding cats, but they're wonderful chaps with a broad range of experiences and expertise and they always manage to keep me guessing.

As I look through the past diary entries I note a lot of hands on discussions complete with fantastic pictures and descriptions. So, I figured I'd take some screen shots of my MS Project files and talk in depth about the subtle balance between time, work and quality. I'm sure that will enthrall and entertain. Or maybe you'll end up with a pounding headache and a nose bleed too.

Instead, what I'll elaborate on here is the process of Game Creation in relation to our Downloadable Content. I'll attempt to cast light on that magical, occult alchemy that occurs in a veil of shadow deep in the basement of a North Rockville office building. Perhaps we'll both learn something in the process.
a really interesting read into the creative process of a game.
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