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What are the best memory for overclocking from DDR3?
I understand that we must proceed from the stock data.
For example has seen Patriot Viper 2400C9 - on ln2 2933C8. In the air is not as good.
I found that there were memory
Unfortunately, we can only look for options previously used, because there is only on sale

What is the best memory for overclocking?

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You are asking the wrong question, or, really, not asking enough questions.

Do you mean how much will the memory overclock - 5%, 10%, 50%?
Do you mean to what speed will the memory overclock - 2800 MHz, 3000 MHz, 3400 MHz?

How much any memory will overclock (percent or actual speed) depends on what ICs (the little black squares) are used on the sticks. Some ICs will overclock much better than others. And it's difficult to find out what ICs are on memory sticks until you buy them, remove the heat spreaders and read the codes printed on the IC themselves.

It's actually much more complicated than the above:
If a memory manufacturer want to build and sell 100 sticks that will have a 2800 MHz specification he buys ICs that the IC manufacturer says will do that and builds the memory with them.
Then the manufacturer tests all the memory he has built
Out of the 100 sticks he has built 4 may only run at 2400 MHz. He puts those in the 2400 MHz bin
Out of the 100 sticks he has built 90 may only run at 2800 MHz. He puts those in the 2800 MHz bin.
Out of the 100 sticks he has built 6 may only run at 3000 MHz. He puts those in the 3000 MHz bin.
This process is called "Binning" and all memory manufacturers do it. Of course the 2400 MHz memory is worth less so he sells it for less than he sell the 2800 MHz memory, and the 3000 MHz memory is worth more than the 2800 MHz memory so he sell it for more that theb2800 MHz memory.

Sometimes, for various reasons, a manufacturer way sell higher binned memory and give it a lower speed specification.
Perhaps he needs 2400 MHz memory for one of his customers, but only has memory that binned at 2800 MHz on hand. He will take the 2800 MHz memory and spec it's speed at 2400 MHz just to be able to supply the customer.

Generally memory won't overclock very much unless the binning process is not followed for some reason or another. When that happens, and it rarely does, some fantastic memory hits the market!

So where does really, really fast memory come from, like 4000 MHz? The memory manufacturer may have the ability to bin the actual ICs he gets from a manufacturer. Out of thousands of ICs a few may be able to run at that fantastic speed. The manufacturer puts them aside and one day, when he has enough of then, he may build 25 4000 MHz sticks and sell the for a fantastically high price.

So, basically your best course of action is to buy the fastest memory you can afford and hope to be able to overclock it a t least a little bit.
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Thanks. Great post.
Overclocking a turn.
First air, and then two stage.
I will try to fix the question.
What is the best combination of timing and frequency for the OC of CPU?
12 hours on day.
I found the test, which was the best 2400C9 and 2666C10 at 4790k.
Also found- 1866C6 (40fps)> 2133C7 (39fps) >2400C10 (38,7 fps).
But how to define another combination that is it is equal in performance.
For example:
2800C11 or 2933C11
3000C12 or 3100C12 or 3200C12?

I found information on the many legendary DDR3

Corsair 2625C9 1G - no found info OC
Corsair CMD16GX3M4A2666C10 - 2666C10 4G - OC 2933C9 (analog Team Group TXD316G2666HC10QQC01 and G.SKILL F3-2666C10Q-16GTXD)
Patriot Viper 2400C9 G2 - OC LN2 2933C8
2500C9 G2 - OC LN2 2933C6 (maybe analog Geil GET34GB2500C9DC)
G.SKILL F3-19200CL8Q-8GBZHD - 2400C8 2G no found info OC
Corsair CMGTX4 - 2525С9 G2 no found info OC
Geil GPW316GB2933C11DC (GPB) - 2933C11 G8 - no info
ADATA AX3U3100W8G12-DBV-RG - 3100C12 8G - no info
Kingmax Nano Gaming DDR3 3200 DIMM 8Gb - 3200C13 8G
Corsair CMD8GX3M2A3200C13 - 3200C13 4G
ADATA AX3U3200W8G12-DBV (DGV:DMV) 3200 CL12 8G
G.SKILL F3-17600CL7Q-8GBPIS - 2200C7 2G

I am sure that I have not found a lot of legendary. This is only a small part.
Best of best?

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Yes, I have some DDR 400 memory from a custom memory manufacturer that is stable at DDR 665. That's a 66% overclock!

When you get into massive LN2 or phase change overclocking I have little experience. I have only played around a little with AMD K8 and phase change, that's all.
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