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I currently have a Xonar Xense setup(sound card and the Sennheiser cans that came with it)

I have been using the sound card to output to an H/K receiver out to a Polk 5.1 setup via spdif.
So far I have been pretty happy with this setup. The only thing I was thinking of upgrading to was a receiver that had analog inputs.
I only really used the headset when gaming online, and I don't game online often.

I have recently bought a new place, and I will have a tenant upstairs, among other changes in number of rooms, room size etc...
Currently my computer is in a smaller room with my TV all running off the 5.1 setup.
The monitor and TV all face the same direction making this possible.

In the new building I will be installing a projector in the same room as the gaming computer.
The computer will be facing one side of the room, while the projector will be facing the other side.
Obviously this makes utilizing a "shared" 5.1 system nearly impossible.

In my mind the options are:
Get another 5.1 system(one for PC one for projector), which is not really very ideal.
Run a decent 2.1 system and headphones.

I will miss the 5.1, but I am pretty sure I can get an immersive, if not more immersive experience with the 2.1/headphone setup.

My questions are:
What is a better headset for games(mainly) and some music?
Would an amp benefit me?
I probably don't need a DAC as the soundcard is pretty decent(?), or do I need a DAC?
What is a good set of 2.1 speakers?
Is there a good amp/DAC(if needed) that can run a 2.1 setup as well as cans?
Any ideas on running both PC and TV on one 5.1 system in the configuration mentioned above?
Any other recommendations?

*Budget is $800.00 and below, but it can be stretched(cans, dac, amp, 2.1's)
**I am not opposed to using an external/separate mic at all.

Thank you.
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