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I hear it was finicky on Vista 32 so I installed on my slave drive and did it all in compatability mode.

It played great, Max settings, great game.

Then I switched the PC on this morning and I kept getting KODS (Kaleidoscope of Death Screen) 10 seconds after logon.


2. Uninstalled the game, no joy.

3. System restore to a full day before I installed it, no joy.

4. Uninstalled CCC and drivers, Safe Mode says no!

5. Driver sweeper'ed/ restart / driver sweeper again.

6 Reinstalled CCC

7. ???

8. SUCCESS/Profit

Looks like I'll be playing this on minimal settings on the wifeys machine, all 478CeleronX700costme£50tomake of it :swearing:

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What's a CCC OO wat r u guise talking about ^ ^
I installed it in Vista 64 and it worked with no crashes!

Although the texturds where low res in the beginning, even though I set them to high,
but after downloading custom config, they display highest quality and the game run perfect!
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