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the bleedn game doesnt recognise the dvd and asks to put in the dvd an relaunch....what to do?i uninstalled....
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ok thennn
ok is trully ******ed,releasing a game that doesnt work...
Leaving a few minutes to an hour is a serious lack of time for someone to answer. We have lives outside this forum (can someone say Riply's Believe it or Not?

1. make sure our drive hasn't malfunctioned and is in working order.
2. sometimes Windows will loose track of drives (yeah weird but hey it's Windows)
3. Make sure your disk isn't faulty. Does it work in any other computer?

And for the record I have BF2142 and it runs awsome up to patch 1.10 (4 patches and still plenty of bugs
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yeah I got the game too. good thing the content and multiplayer out weighs the bugs.

But yes somtimes games don't recognize diffrent types of dvd drives very well. I had this happen to me a while back with some other game, and when I tried it with another dvd drive it worked great.

If you re-install it and have no other option I think there are ways to start the game without the dvd. I know there was something like this for B2. All it needs the dvd is for authentication to start the game and then you can take it out.

Edit: btw when you get it workin let me know how it plays on your system. I notice you have a stock 3200+ and only a gig of ram with a x600..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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