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BFG gtx260 maxcore ocx

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I ended up picking up this one as a last upgrade on this platform.
I must say i'm pretty impressed, perfoms quite good and is a MAJOR upgrade to my 7800 GT

Good enough to make me wait for a while befor getting a new system

Scored around P13500 on vantage with my current OC

4.11 ghz , 675,1458,1163

Pretty good card and overclocking was almost too easy. In fact i'll have to go higher when i got time because the temps don't go higher than 45 right now from warhammer online maxed.
(fan at 89%)

Just thought i'd share this card is excellent.
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oooo i was going to get this exact card.. but there is a bfg gtx 280 @ 615mhz for the exact same price =/
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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