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Big problem I think

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ok, put a 955 ee in a p5n32sli deluxe(asus) with a e7800gtx (asus) and one pc6400 1 gig billistix powered by turbo pc 850w sli turned the key and the fans go the pumps starts the light on the board glows green and the monitor does NOTHING. what happened? i built it good took my time nothing unbuilt and redid still nothing. any pointers?
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reset cmos, try ram in different slot....
i think i need to flash my bios. asus says the 955 will only ok with v301 i think. i have v102. how can i flash it in this state?? i have a 820 and 840 that should work but i dont want to do that if i dont have to.

ok tryed thre reset and the nothing happens. stuff gets warm but the screen acts like i never hooked it up. mouse doenst light eatrher
Are your speakers plugged in? My asus boards use a voice reporter through the speakers that reports the problem. Try unplugging your pci cards if you have any in and move down to the basics.
i got one stick of ram one video card and the golden chip. speaking of had a thing in the box that said the chip had to have a 975x chipset. but the asus site says it works. what happenes if the chip is shot?? or you turn it on with no chip at all. how basic can i get maybe a video card and board to see if anything happens??

ok i tryed the 820 that works on my p5nd2 sli deluxe. but in this board nothing. could it be bad?? i got from new egg.
well, after calling asus they said the board will not work with the 955 but the web site says it will. i told the guy the http and he said "opps, sorry about that" good thing i ordered from newegg as they are taking it back no questions asked. am replacing it with a 975 chipset from intel. no more asus for me :-(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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