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Big Typhoon help

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ok im having a little problem with my temps. the room temp is 68-73* F and i have been using the intelburn and occt to run stability test and i have a few temp monitoring programs running and they are all saying the same thing i have it over clocked to 3.0ghz 230HTT and running stock volts on everything I have the AMD x2 5000+ black. And my temps are going to over 100*C when i put it under 100% load. I know when you over clock it gets hotter but with that cooler i wouldn’t think it would get that hot. I have lots of fans 2 in the front one on the side one on top and 2 in the back.. All are 120mm but top its like 200mm. Am i doing something wrong hear or what. I know the temps don’t read right but hopefully there not that far off.Any ideas?
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Over 100c? I hope not. What did you use to measure it?

Or do you mean fahrenheit. Use celcius please
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the occt graphed it out at the end and nivida monitor, Hwmonitor, speedfan, core temp,and everest. i tried lots they all say the same its geting to right at a 100 celcius
Its your motherboard. My old Foxconn 590 did this, but mine was always stuck at a constant 53*C, Ive heard many people getting lots of bad readings from this board and the similar brands.

The only way I could get a close to correct reading is if you look at the individual core temps. They are way off on the idle, but seem closer on load. Thats your best way of getting you CPU temps. Damn Foxconn never solving that problem.

I had that cooler for a bit, its a good cooler! Kept my brissy at good temps @ 3.2
Well it was geting way to hot was playing a game that i knew would heat things up and i had thermal shut down. Pull everything apart to check everything and i didnt have good contact between the cpu and heatsink had air pockets. thanks every one for there input now im runing good and cool even throught the intelburn test and everything is good.
With the temps you are getting, you sould reseat.
Ive got a Big Typhoon, I lapped it even before I put it on. The bases are by no means flat on these things. Mine was concave. I recommend you use ~200 grit to get it flat then smooth it out, I went all the way to 2000 grit. Keeps eveything cool as a cucumber. If you can use it, use the bolt through kit. It works WAY better.
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