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should i shoot myself

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first off big water 745 sucks... not only did the cpu water bezel crack after 2 weeks, the radiators weak copper ending twist and are almost ready too snap.. but besides that i had an idea. u know how the ev8's have that nozzle that sprays onto the intercooler, what if i got a big can of 02 or co2 and got a sprayer from home depo and spray over the core that the water runs through. or get some sort of compresson to just recycle it and what not. i kno some **** like its been done, frankly i just wanna blow my cash and buy a mini symphony or some **** and be done with it. i was running an ic7-g 2.8gighz p4 at 3.5 till the the bezel cracked. saved the sys, but only get have way to post befor3 checksum error. tried mobo jumpers, battery, different processor, original hardware setup, it boots but fan just spins really fast, wont go into bios but almost lolz... just a sidenote im rambling and off topic... been workin at fry's tryin to save up, but plz help.... somebody.... anybody.
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