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[BigDL]MoB STEAM Problem - Alpha Instead of Final Version!

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Earlier today we reported that Paleo Entertainment had released their CryEngine 2-based action game Merchants of Brooklyn via Steam. Well, the first time game developer did something in that release that we have seen few, if any, companies do. It actually released an earlier version of the game via Steam instead of the final completed gold build.

Complaints about the game have hit the Steam forums as well as the developer's own web site. Paleo has now issued a statement on their message boards, saying, "We are fully aware of the problems that occurred with the initial release of M.O.B. Unfortunately, the incorrect version went up on Steam. The Alpha version was released initially, this has been corrected. Please log in/log out of Steam to receive the correct version of M.O.B. We will be patching this game periodically to correct any issues that arise, as well as new and exciting features and multiplayer modes! We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate any input that you have." We imagine the input consists of, "Don't do that again!"
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why do i get the mental image of that scene in the first Mission Impossible where Ethan tricks the one guy out of the NOC list copy
Talk about an error. Bet the game hits hard rocks with that one.
Is this game any good?

EDIT: It's based on Crytek's engine, and for $20 looks like complete sheet, so no buy!
bad news for a game that looked horrible to begin with.
Don't do that again. Thinking of picking this up if it's good.
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