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Bing Cashback: Gold Rush

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Just a friendly reminder that MS increases Bing cashback percentages during this time. Make sure to check if the store is included before making your next online order.

eBay is currently at 10%
Buy.com is at 5-10%
Wallmart is at 15%
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Don't even need keywords, nice.

Originally Posted by Al plants Corn
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Don't forget Dell.com is 20%.

Gonna get me a monitor babeeee YEAH!!!!
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eBags is 40%.
Don't know what it is, or what it sells, but 40% is FRIGGIN HUGE.
I ordered an inspiron 15 for my mom for under $400 after the 20% cashback. Seems as good or better than most of the doorbuster deals people wait all night for.

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Gonna get me a monitor babeeee YEAH!!!!
Screw that, get a TV
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too bad teh Newegg 10% is gone

I got back from work this afternoon and they had run out of $$.

The deals on Buy.com for PSU are not as good as neweggs were, but I am still looking.
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