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If anyone is getting a black screen with BIOS error code b1 (it looks like bios code 61 bit if there is no line on the b across the top it isn't a 6) the fix is to change the jumper on the L2N switch to on, then put the Slow Mode switch on as well, boot into bios, it'll take a minute to boot, set your OC settings or apply your OC profile, hit F10, reboot.

Then shut down, put the L2N switch back off and your Slow mode switch off, problem solved!!

It won't boot until you put the L2N jumper and Slow Mode switch off but you needed to apply your OC settings, so after hitting F10 and rebooting hold the power switch until it shuts off, change the switches, then start it up.

i might be getting that error because I keep my place ridiculously cold and is a cold boot error at default bios settings.
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