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Bios Flash Help

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I'm trying to flash the BIOS of the motherboard I've been having a rough time with. I think it's flashed to work only with Phenom's, and I need it to work on my 5000+. Someone gave me a www.biosman.com link but I can't figure anything out from there.

Help would be appreciated with a +rep ! =)
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If your board was flashed to work with Phenoms it will work with Athlon x2's as well.

No problem their.

all the BIOS update does is allow your board to use newer CPUs but it doesn't take away the ability to use older CPUs.
well the first time I booted it up, the LED lights on the mobo were in sequence that showed I had a ram problem. I checked all the ram sticks in my other computer and they were fine. Then, I went and got some corsair ram because they seem to work on everything. I tried them with the same processor (X2 5000+) and the LED lights didnt come on which indicated an "abnormal" problem...this is where i am now
Well do you know if the Chip has bent pins?

Has anything happened to chip in the past, overclocking with high volts? A fried Mobo it was in before?
If you are referring to the ASUS board in sig then it could definitely be a BIOS issue. I know from personal experience that ASUS boards can be very, very picky about RAM. Does your BIOS have the ASUS EZ Flash feature built-in? If so, try an older BIOS and see if you can at least your machine to POST. Maybe even try just one RAM stick to see what happens.

EDIT: and just to elaborate on the pickyness of ASUS boards when it comes to RAM..... I had 4 G.Skill HZ sticks that ran just fine on my current board until I attempted to update the BIOS. Once updated, I couldn't boot with them. I tested them in my backup machine and they worked fine. I took the Mushkins from my backup machine and put them in my current board and it booted.
I'm trying this out on a Biostar T560, the Asus motherboard works fine. And the chip is fine, it's running on the Asus board atm, no bent pins or anything. The bios on the BIOSTAR board has been flashed to support Phenoms...not sure what version it is
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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