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Originally Posted by Tpelks22

I have an eVGA 5700LE, its got 256MB and it is 128 bit. I want to flash it to a regular 5700 or better if i can. Can anyone help me out??? Is this even Possible???

Yes it is possibe to flash the card to higher level like a 5700ultra, and here is an explanition of how to do it:

WARNING many people do not want you to flash a cards BIOS do it at your own risk, says many sites for flashing a BIOS.
If you really want to flash the BIOS on the card go right ahead but if you do want to flash it here is a link to nvflash a program that allows you to change the BIOS on the vid card i.e. a 5700 to a 5700ultra in performance http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=972 and now that you have the program to do the flash you now need a BIOS file to flash with here is a link to a site with al kinds of BIOSes for cards and so on http://whitebunny.demon.nl/hardware/chipset_nvidia.html.The process of doing the flash is get a floppy disk and format it as a dos startup disk once it is formated put the files of nvflash and the new BIOS on the floppy and do a restart on the machine wtih the floppy in the maching and then the dos menu will come up and from there you will type in a series of code to do the flash i.e. a:\
vflash 5700ultra.rom, or such for the different programs out there the code is different. Once the flash is complete do CTRL ALT DEL for a restart and in the beging screen your machine will hopefully see the card with a new BIOS on it i.e. old 5700 new 5700ultra, now as long as there are no problems with the performance the flash is successful.

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