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Bios packrats: In here

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Anyone have the overclocking bios for this Asus board?


Or do I just need to use AMD Fusion? Or was it overdrive... Well you know. The AMD program for overclocking from the desktop. I am trying to speed up a friend's 3600+ AMD dual core for him. Thanks in advance, Benny
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AMD Overdrive only works on 7 series chipsets.

Can you not adjust settings in the bios? Try downloading Nvidia Control Panel.
Dang. I did not know that about overdrive only working on certain chipsets. Isn't there another program that can do it for me? Something like clockgen, or some other program?

But I am not too sure what you mean about the nVidia control panel. There is not a video card in the system yet. There will be, but not yet.
Anyone know if clockgen can do it?
Clockgen can't do it. Neither can SetFSB. I thought there was some other program that could do it. It had some kind of fancy/pretty user interface... can't think of the name...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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