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bios resets when rebooting after overclock

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when i overlock my cpu it works fine stable as when i shut down the pc and boot back up it works fine but as soon as i restart the comp wont boot up and i have to wait approx 5 mins to boot again in which time the bios reverts back to the defualt config.

cpu- core2 duo e6320
mobo- gigabyte ga965-s3 rev 3.3
ram- kingston 667

i am overclocking to 333 fsb which at 1:1 LEAVES THE RAM AT 667 and the cpu at 2331mhz
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definately not an excessive OC.
it could be the board, but ive got zero experience with gigabyte.
what BIOS version do you have? (and which would be the latest?)
dead battery?

EDIT: maybe I read it wrong...When you shut down for lets say while you sleep and then power it back up it works fine @ the OC setting again?
i have bios version f8 latest is f9d by the looks i have updated bios with the last 3 previous to 8 and hasnt changed anything all components are only about 3 weeks old so prob not a dead battery also because the settings stay saved as long as i dont restart i can shut down and boot back up in 3 days and the settings will be saved but soon as i restart it resets the bios.

i also have a 500w antec psu which also should be sufficient
It is either your cmos battery or your power supply. Also when you can get a good boot, check your temps in bios just to make sure.
mm sounds strange to be the battery when it holds settings if i power off. also it still did the same thing with my old psu but that wouldnt even hold settings at 2.13ghz, the new psu holds the settings at 2.13ghz and up until this week 2.331 333x7 but wouldnt at 2.4ghz now it wont hold the settings at 2.13
i have changed the mobo battery and updated to the latest bios and it still does the same thing
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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