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Bios set up

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After messing around with my bios settings i'm confused. I can only get my system to boot up with it set to IDE (I have 2x Sata Hard drives by the way) Tried AHCI, got to the windows loading bar and reset and also tried the raid setting and the same. I have no knowledge on this area and wanted to know the difference and what is best set up or the pro's and cons. Running my drive in IDE mode as opposed to AHCI will they be under performing?
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It shouldn't.
Technically, but not enough to worry about.

You're not able to boot with it in AHCI or RAID because the OS doesn't have those drivers loaded. You need to get into the OS (in IDE mode), load all drivers for your motherboard (specifically the HD controller drivers) and enable AHCI in the OS. With that done, you will be able to change to AHCI (but not RAID) in the BIOS.
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Thanks eflyguy +rep the exact answer I was looking for.
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