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bios system halt (help please)

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bios romchecksum error keyboard or no keyboard present detecting floppy drive a drive a error system halt.

i was clocking my ram to suggested settings and my system wouldnt boot i tried to flash bios with awdflash by pressing f2 and the flash was succssful but now when i turn on this comes up with continuous beeping.... please help ive tried everything i can think of im about to explode...
ive never been so sad about computers in my life. im thinking about just getting rid of it all and quitting computers all together i just cant take this let down this computer is the only thing i look forward to and one of the only things ive ever been proud of.. i would really appreciate help Overclock.net more then you even know..

EDIT:i also booted with a ps2 keyboard which fixed the keyboard part of the problem..

EDIT: also i cannot do ANYTHING meaning everything is basically useless keyboard wise. : / i tried like 10 times.
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it really sounds like a bad bios flash,to me
here is what i had to do when i got a bad checksum error:
Make a bootable floopy disk. One easy way to create boot disk is to use Windows Explorer (or Computer window in Vista and 'Copy system files' in older version) to format the floppy disk, and select the option 'Create a MS-DOS startup disk'.
Copy the Award flash utility & BIOS file to the floppy disk. Both files can be downloaded from motherboard's manufacturer.
Create an autoexec.bat file with any text editor such as Notepad, and type in an auto flash command in following syntax: Award_Flash_Utility BIOS_Filename. For example,
awdfl823K w6378vms.130
(awdfl823k been filename of flash utility and w6378vms.130 been the filename of BIOS file.)


awdflash XXXXXXXX.BIN /py/sn/f/cc/r
flashv73 XXXXXXXX.BIN /py/sn/f/cc/r

(awdflash and flashv73 been filename of flash tool, and XXXXXXXX.BIN is file name of BIOS dump. All switches after the flash command are necessary when flashing the BIOS. It has the following meaning:

py = program yes
sn = save no
f = flash
cc = clear CMOS
r = reboot)

Replace with the file name of your BIOS flash utility and BIOS file. Remember to save the file as autoexec.bat.

Boot up system with the floppy.
The system should auto execute autoexec.bat and flash overwrite the BIOS. If any prompt appears, follow accordingly.
Reboot the computer.
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i called evga technical support. they said to get a usb floppy drive and reinstall the bios. im gonna get one when i get the money.i hope this works..
i fixed it thanks for your guys's help!
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