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BIOS Voltmod GTX 260

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I have an evga gtx 260 that I want to do the bios volt mod to,
But when I open the bios in Nbitor the stock speed voltage is 1.12 but the higher option is only 1.15, I thought you could set it to 1.18
This is the 65nm 192sp model,
it is watercooled so heat shouldnt be an issue
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With nibitor I thought you should be able to manually enter a voltage at some point? I'm not speaking from personal experience as I've never used it but I think I remember reading here on OCN you can manually enter voltages.

If not, you can always default to using the EVGA Voltage Tuner and doing it that way - just set it to take effect when windows launches.

Also, what clocks are you trying to take it to? I can hit 729/1458/1100 on stock voltages and even bringing it up to 1200mV only nets me a 750/1512/1100 clock that isn't even 100% stable.
Even on water you are temperature limited. Your shaders are holding you back. Lower temps = higher shader clock. This is just the sad truth for GTX200 series. You can voltmod it, but you're not going to squeeze that much more out of it.

Also, I hope you have a DMM if you plan on messing with voltage.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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