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Biostar A770 and 7750BE?!

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so i replaced my 5600+ with a kuma 7750 BE and when i go to boot, i get the blue screen....can my mobo not handle a 7750? thought it was fine...or does the bios need updating? also, what would be a better mobo choice as i think i will return this one and get one with 2 pcie slots..and a bigger one since i got a zigmatek 1283 and it covers 2 RAM slots
i have a 4870 in transit (paid $100 on newegg woot woot) and a 750W PCPC PSU. thanks all!
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put your 5600 in and update the bios then itll work fine
yeah just a bois update should be fine, i have the same chipset with my 7750. i love it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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