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Alright I ordered my biostar a880g+ mother board a few weeks ago also using sata hard drives also to fix a ide cable hard drive

after that i turned it off and left it returning it to its original computer after i came back to turn it on ....... it didn't turn on at all while pulling

of the lid or what ever .... i looked at the power supply. It was fine until I moved the 24 pin power cable and then it turn on and

then theled flickerd with the led's on the power button

then I thoght it was the motherbord but the cable had to be at a weird angle to have been turned on sooooooo..............

MY Qeustion is what shold i do should i just send the motherbord and the power supply or do somthing else to make sure

bad punctuation

PLEASE AWNSER if power supply or motherbord IS ABLE TO BE FIXED
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