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biostar ta785ge 128m help!

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Got the board. Great! Problem though.

I can't get past 4.2Ghz as i can't find the NB multi. Once it hits 4.2Ghz, the NB is near 3000Mhz and i need to drop the muti down to 6 so i can go further, but there doesnt seem to be one. I can change the HT freq but not the NB.

BUT.. when i go to P-states and enable it, i can change what P-State i want the NB to run at, but i don't want that, i was to run the NB lower while OC'ing.. why would you be able to change it in P-State, but not normal?! Any help, or secret combo BIOS?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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