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Biostar TA790gx 128m

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I just picked this board up from open box and when I installed it it posts but then it won't boot. I get crazy artifacts and crazy symbols or it just goes back to the logo screen and posts again. I've tried several things and it still does the same. Is the board faulty?
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reset cmos, and use optimal settings in bios. then time your ram manually.
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I tried that a couple times and still no progress. I'm not sure if I'm messing up with my settings for my ram or not. I also tried switching out my ocz with my mushkin 2x1gb sticks and my rig wouldn't even post. So I take it my issue is with ram but I'm not quite understanding what is going on here. Like why would switching out the ram make my machine not even post?
i guess it's a mobo prob. the parts work in your prev mobo ayt?

but if it posts, then it should be fine.

just reformat your hdd.
Yeah everything worked fine on my old mobo ( in sig) and I had both sets of ram in too. I'll try reformatting and see if that gets me anywhere.
man, it's always a must to reformat when you change a component esp the mobo. i thought the prob is, it just doesn't post.

welcome to ocn btw. it's a great place.
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Multiverse.... try disconnecting your drives and booting with only one stick of memory. Are you using the onboard graphics or the 3850?
Ive had the same issue on my TA790GX, Had to RMA it.
No problems like that with mine. Make sure the integrated graphics is on Sideport / 400MHz. Is it running the latest BIOS from 1/13/09?

Other than that, that's probably why it's an open-box to begin with -- you simply inherited the previous owner's problems with it.
funny thing about only running the sideport. My TA790GX3 would NOT run without enabling Sideport+udm to be able to run properly (booting into windows would cause it to Bsod due to the video drivers)

My only guess can be that you have a bad motherboard since it's open box, or something like that.
I had to RMA my openbox newegg board long ago. Turned out it had "cpu mount damage" after a back and forth with DFI over several months.

My ta790gx is working great. It remembered my saved cmos's even a bunch of flashes during initial oc testing.

BTW there are 2 led's on the board that will give info. From the manual:

2 sata banks

-- Led 1

-- Led 2

1 sata bank

d1 d2
off off abnormal: cpu/chipset error
on off memory error
off on vga error
on on normal
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