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Birthday Bash - Overclock.net Turns Five March 21st

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Overclock.net is celebrating its fifth anniversary on March 21st and it's time to celebrate! What better way to celebrate than to give out some cash and a few prizes?

More on this after a little bit of reflection

What an amazing five years it's been. From our tremendous growth, to our wonderful reputation as a friendly, professional place for enthusiasts to discuss the pursuit of performance - our once tiny community has turned into one of the best on the web.

Each of you should be so proud of your contributions both directly and indirectly to the community. It's amazing what can be done when you get a bunch of people with a passion for performance altogether. Just look at the tremendous progress of our [email protected] team which is now #10 in the world!

The future looks even more promising for Overclock.net as a whole. There was once a time when Overclock.net development was nimble and members were often pleasantly surprised in small additions to the site often occurring. Let's just say we want to get back to this place and are doing what it takes to get there. I am personally tired of typing things here and, as of the last year +, things not occurring in a relatively timely manner. So, I will let action speak - and not mention much more now.

So with that all being said - it is time to celebrate!

So here is how it will work:

How do you enter?
Post in this thread, one great memory you have had here at Overclock.net. You can post multiple times, but only one time will count.

When can you enter?
Now! Contest closes March 22nd - but enter as soon as you can for more chances to win!

Who can enter?
Any current member of Overclock.net - including non-admin staff.

What you can win on March 21st?
Hourly Prize #1: $25 via PayPal
Hourly Prize #2: Overclock.net first of production T-Shirt (will ship when ready - they have not been produced yet)
Hourly Prize #3: Overclock.net applique pack (will ship when ready - they have not been produced yet)
Grand Prize: $250 via PayPal

Due to some time zone restrictions, some hourly prizes may be awarded all at one time.

All winners will be selected at Random via Randomized.com

Good luck to everyone! I personally can't wait for another great 5 years!


Grand Prize:


Midnight Draw:

Winner of the $25: Rick Arter
Winner of the T-Shirt: ljason8eg
Winner of the Applique: theemonopolyguy

One O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: Licht
Winner of the T-Shirt: Auld
Winner of the Applique: xlastshotx

Two O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: timxirish
Winner of the T-Shirt: lenzo
Winner of the Applique: wierdo124

Three O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: nepas
Winner of the T-Shirt: francesthemutes
Winner of the Applique: jarble

Four O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: MasterShake
Winner of the T-Shirt: gonX
Winner of the Applique: kilrbe3

Five O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: Sparhawk
Winner of the T-Shirt: yabo
Winner of the Applique: [PWN]Schubie

Six O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: FlAwLeSS_666
Winner of the T-Shirt: Tufelhunden
Winner of the Applique: e_dogg

Seven O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: bigvaL
Winner of the T-Shirt: Le_Loup
Winner of the Applique: t4ct1c47

Eight O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: BenBrown
Winner of the T-Shirt: laxrunner
Winner of the Applique: superk

Nine O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: Snoopy83
Winner of the T-Shirt: Nostrano
Winner of the Applique: mtbiker033

Ten O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: justarealguy
Winner of the T-Shirt: WannaBeNoob
Winner of the Applique: sgdude

Eleven O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: nate911
Winner of the T-Shirt: dasparx
Winner of the Applique: BugBash

Twelve O'clock Draw:

Winner of the $25: RonindeBeatrice
Winner of the T-Shirt: gablain
Winner of the Applique: JMT668

One (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: BlackOmega
Winner of the T-Shirt: Apt Quadruped
Winner of the Applique: mr. biggums

Two (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: samfreese
Winner of the T-Shirt: kaxel
Winner of the T-Shirt: mega_option101
Winner of the Applique: ML Infamous

Three (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: Wavefunction
Winner of the T-Shirt: Aaroman
Winner of the Applique: Coma

Four (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: DUNC4N
Winner of the T-Shirt: zlojack
Winner of the Applique: bucdan

Five (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: Dar_T
Winner of the T-Shirt: GodofGrunts
Winner of the Applique: FieryCoD

Six (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: ProjecT TimeZ
Winner of the T-Shirt: P£P§!
Winner of the Applique: Moynesy

Seven (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: phospholipid
Winner of the T-Shirt: mentholmoose
Winner of the Applique: Phoebus

Eight (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: Puscifer
Winner of the T-Shirt: coolaide
Winner of the Applique: Mr_Nibbles

Nine (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: Ictinike
Winner of the T-Shirt: pig69
Winner of the Applique: legoman786

Ten (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: CyberDruid
Winner of the T-Shirt: TheLegend
Winner of the Applique: Antolen

Eleven (PM) Draw:

Winner of the $25: Illusion Of Progress
Winner of the T-Shirt: cbrazeau1115
Winner of the Applique: kazakia

Midnight Draw:

Winner of the $25: Mmansueto
Winner of the T-Shirt: Millillion
Winner of the Applique: woodpigeon4
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Gotta love when I popped my OC cherry all because of a little research on OCN! TY! And hey its my Bday today! Paarrrrrteehhhhh
Awesome promotion! HBD OCN!!!!

d3v0 is IN!

My best memory @ OCN:

The wave of appreciation of my benchmark thread, which I did entirely for OCN *tears up*
I'm in. I remember when my friend was talking about OCN, I had already known how to put together computers and was really skilled in it, but just lurking OCN got me to OC my CeleD to 4.2GHz on air!
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My best memories are when myself and others lurk in someone's thread eager to help them until the job is done.
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one great memory I have of OCN is I was up late at night on no sleep trying to fix my watercooling system and I had my mac laptop on OCN so I could refer to OCN for help.

count me in please!

Other than the fact I was infracted last night! Happy B-Day!
Best memory has to be of Videofx, oh how he made us laugh and laugh...
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I'm in!

But my favorite memory was when I learned that I'm not supposed to put "5.0GHz" as the cpu overclock cause it made me look like a nub
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Happy Birthday OCN

My fondest memory of OCN is when my Dad used the site to gain as much info as he could to buy me a brand spankin' new C2D rig as a present for doing so well in my end of school exams. Thanks the great advice of members, I now have a great rig that does all I need it to.

Before I visited OCN, I'd never seen inside a PC, I now take mine apart and rebuild it for fun, and I bet I'm not the only one!

Thanks to all the members, past and current.
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My OCN memory = when I first joined, and got a VERY warm welcome. One of the nicest/ most personal (AND professional) introductions!

OCN is my new home, thanks for the hospitality
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Best memory of OCN:

Hmm.. probably getting a 100% overclock on an un-overclockable Asrock motherbaord lol.

Originally Posted by TheCh3F
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Gotta love when I popped my OC cherry all because of a little research on OCN! TY! And hey its my Bday today! Paarrrrrteehhhhh

My birthday is today too. I really didn't expect to get an email from OCN wishing me a Happy Birthday. That was very cool of them. I do have to say I join this site to learn how to overclock my computer. 850 posts later I am still a very active member with Folding and Project Torque. I might have to start therapy soon too. But I do have to say this is a great little site where we can get answers and make some new friends. Cheers OCN.
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Count me in

My best memory is when i was a nubz with about 10 posts and i saw a thread about ubuntu, which i was pretty new to at the time.

I had experienced the same problem and i knew how to fix it. That one post was where my first 5 or so reps came from. It feels good to know i helped people
My best memory - when I guy helped me through my first proper O/C for nearly 2 hours. People like that just don't exist anywhere else

Happy Birthday OCN!!
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I don't realy have a great memory of something here at OCN, I havn't been a member very long but when I first joined I knew basicaly nothing about overclocking, I came for a little advice and was suprised how many people were willing to help then ended up buying pretty much a whole new rig and now i'm here everyday, OCN really changed how I view and use computers

Happy birthday OCN
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my best memory of OCN is when was first puting together my "rel" computer (not prebuilt) and the help of the OCN community really helped me select some quality parts.
YAY 5 years old for the site I use more that youtube

What can I say, the best moment I have of OCN is actually coming across this site in first place. It was by complete accident when looking at overclocking information three years ago in class. Since then I have gained so much knowledge in such a massive range of computer areas I feel that OCN is responsible for making me the computer geek I am today.
The community keeps on growing and developing and I hope it continues to do so. I personally feel I do not commit enough to the community but I am a nub

Thanks Overclock.net for making more geeky! Thanks

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My favorite memory is of the guy who decided to put his best friends alienware into the freezer and then bought a thermaltake WC to install. Talk about taking a thirsty horse to water and watching him dehydrate.
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