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Can't say I'm a fan of COMPUSA, over the years they've been consistently crappy in all respects to me as a consumer. Bad selection, overpriced, staff knows nothing, always 5 staff standing around but a line with 1 one register open and the guy there doesn't know how to work it(god, it happens every time)...anyway my story for today.

I went to HOMEDEPOT to check their prices on plexiglas as I am attempting to build a simple very compact desktop case after going through my random collection of computer parts the other day and realizing I have a complete P4 2ghz system lying around minus a case. I was pretty dissapointed by the pricing. It would have run me $20-$30+ for the 3/16" acrylic I wanted. At that cost I figure I might as well just buy a cheapo case off Newegg or something and dremel the crap out of it, but it wouldn't be tiny and acrylic

I left the store pondering what to do, and went across the parking lot to COMPUSA to buy some mounting standoffs. Walking by the locked case with the video cards and processors I scoffed at the prices when noticing my 6600GT was priced at over $100 more than I bought it for months ago online(yay Newegg). I found the standoffs to my surprise, and looking around the isle I noticed a "manager's special $0.98" tag. I glanced down at what it was and low and behold there lay two custom window kits. I opened a box on the spot to check it out. Two 14"x18" STURDY 3/16" acrylic panels for under a buck each! Plus bonus mounting gaskets to go whip the people at Homedepot with.

It's nice when life works out in your favor every once in awhile.
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