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Black friday tv shopping <$400

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Looking to buy a new tv for my college dorm, i can't spend more than $400 as its a Christmas presents to me, and i do not have a job so that i could add funds
Westinghouse $246.00
Samsung $397.99
Sony $378.00

Prices were found on blackfriday.info
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I'm in the same predicament. I've considered those along with this Samsung on Newegg. Starting tomorrow at 3 PM PT, Newegg will have 10% cashback store wide.

Also, Walmart is selling a 32'' Emerson 720p for $249 on Black Friday.
1080i, dub it a comp monitor!!! find a cheaper 1080i

Originally Posted by KEITHRH12 View Post
1080i, dub it a comp monitor!!! find a cheaper 1080i
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recommendations? pros/cons? anyone able to help me narrow my search
Are you going to be using it as a monitor as well as a tv? if so, you will probably want a 1080p Set so it will support higher resolution.

If its just a tv for movies, consoles etc... 720p/1080i ( which they all are even though they only may list 720p) then...
I recommend the Samsung or Sony, both for years, have had excellent picture, and built high quality sets.

Westinghouse I have no experience with. On the plus side, its cheap! This may be the selection for you, so you don't max out what you can spend, gotta have been money! lol

Toshiba; I purchased a 26" last year in December, its flakey at times, changing channels will cause the sound to shut off, requiring me normally to shut the tv off and turn it back on, and the response from the remote is mediocre at best.

Good picture though!

But at the same time, my buddy bought a Toshiba Regza 42" and has never complained about any of that.

I personally like Samsung!

I hate to recommend it, but vizio may pack more "features" into a set in your price range, but I think you wont go wrong with the Sony, or Samsung if you dont care about maxing your budget, otherwise the Westinghouse might be a good choice if you really want to save the cash but still upgrade
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I agree with everything that idcrysis said. Samsung makes some of the best panels in the industry. A bit pricier, yes. But worth it.

That said, I have only seen Vizio TV's in-store, but for price/size/quality, they are very competitive.
Samsung or Sony? that seems to be the battle...please no fanboys of either company...they are the same company anyway....
well samsung has not impressed me in the cheaper tv segment so far, two friends bought tvs last year at sears late summer, 13 month later, first one had a psu crap out, samsung wanted 350 to bother fixing the tv, the damn thing only cost him 500 new... so that was out of the question. we went ahead and fixed it ourselfs. second tv crapped out short time behind, same issue, not goin to say samsung is bad, but 12 month warranty and then 350 for a stupid psu repair is a bit out of my liking

just my 2 cents why i wouldnt buy the cheaper samsung series.
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