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Black/Gold = Thaughts and help?

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So i have a Icute Case :

And i was Hoping to go for a Black and Gold theme inside.
Black on the interior Casing, Gold Hd bay and dvd Bay.

Is this a good combo?
Im also planning on getting only Black and Gold Case fans with Gold screws for the ultimate Look.

What im wondering is Whats the best way to get gold? I thaught paint might leave a dull Finish and dont know how much it would cost to plate it (any ideas to get a shiny Gold Finish without Breaking the bank?

Thanks in advance
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you shouldn't have any problems finding gold paint with a metallic luster to it...plating will probably be too expensive.
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where can i buy this product?
I think black and copper would look amazing.

Was actually considering that before I painted my case,
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My initial thaughts were Black and Chrome silver but cant find any into anywhere about it
Probably Painting, I dont like bending. im not that way inclined
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Thats beast, thanks for your contribution to this thread.
I like the black and gold combo..it could work out really nice..piano black with a nice metallic gold would look amazing.
Good old black and gold is always a great idea
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