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Hi guys!

So I recently got myself some 980 classy's, which meant I had my old 780's lying around.
I decided to give them to my roommate to play with, but we've run into some odd issues when trying to get the cards running in his system.

Basically, as soon as the second GPU is hooked up and windows is done loading, we get a black screen.
This doesn't seem to happen when there's just one card installed, no matter which PCI-E slot it's plugged into.

The things we've tried so far to debug the issue:

Card nr 1 in PCIE slot nr 1: Works fine
Card nr 2 in PCIE slot nr 1: Works fine
Card nr 1 in PCIE slot nr 2: Works fine
Card nr 2 in PCIE slot nr 2: Works fine

Both cards plugged in: Black screen after boot
Both cards plugged in (Swapped PCIE slots): Black screen after boot

It seems to be a driver related issue, since booting into safe mode works fine, as does booting into the OS regularly after I've removed all Intel and NVidia graphics drivers.
As soon as I install the Intel VGA driver again though, I will get the black screen unless I boot into safe mode.

Trying to install the VGA driver while booted into the OS regularly will crash the PC while the driver is installing.
Both the Intel and NVidia drivers will install fine in safe mode, though after installing them successfully I will inevitably get the black screen after booting windows normally.

It seems the only way I can get regular windows to boot, is to boot into safe mode, wipe all the drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, and reboot.

I've just done a format on the PC, but the problem still remains.

I can honestly say I'm stumped on this one.
Do you guys have any ideas?

His system:

CPU: Intel i5-3570k
MOBO: Asrock z77 Extreme4
PSU: Corsair RM850, just bought it today in order to be able to run the cards.
Storage: Samsung 830 250gb SSD, 2 WD 2TB drives

His system was running fine before, with a single ASUS GTX770

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Originally Posted by Leyaena View Post

have you tried driver 344.11,,if you want go check the Geforce.com forums,,lots of guys with the same issue your having

344.11 and 344.75 are the only ones I can use,,im not even gonna attempt to try the newest BETA 347.09

I couldn't get surround to work,,i got all kinds of screen tearing,,so your not the only one having driver issues since the release of the 900 series drivers

maybe try a driver before the 900 series,this all started for me with my gtx670 and driver 344.48,and it never got any better when my gtx970 arrived
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