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Black screen on windows login

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I'm not sure if this is driver related or if its an issue with my card but upon booting into windows I get a black no-signal screen but I can still see my mouse cursor and am able to type my password and log in. Then I can only get my second display active and my main display is still black.
Upon restarting the issue is fixed, it only happens sometimes. Does it with the current WHQL drivers and the new beta drivers.

I did narrow it down to another 760 I had (was running sli) that was giving me display issues and poor performance while at boosted speeds which I'm going to RMA but now its happened with my good card and I'm not sure how to resolve the issue.
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Have you tried the gpu's in a friends computer to rule out its not your machine? Or do you run an overclock on it, in that case reset it to stock and try several times with that.

Might be a faulty card if its giving you a black screen, sometimes you just are unlucky!
nope, figured it out, i was just being a newb and putting the dvi cable in the wrong dvi port. my other card was bad though, just sent it back to evga for rma the other day. hopefully i get a good one back.

new drivers are stable for me.
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