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been gaming for about 2 years on my PC w/ no problems

had some friends bugging me to play LoL so i went ahead and downloaded it.
while installing it had some errors on the directx part. didn't really care for it since i didn't care if this game ran or not... firewall/resolution/freezing up plus game was too simple and boring

ever since installed my computer would randomly black screen, lock up, and in a few seconds the sound would loop/crash.

so i tried uninstalling and reinstalling LoL, still have the same problems(uninstalled LoL currently),
so i uninstalled/reinstalled amd drivers 13.1 to 13.8beta

downloaded directx and installed, no help... same w/ java/adobe/games/sound_drivers etc pretty much everything i can do before trying to reformat n start win7 from the bottom up

saw some forums saying to try drivers 12.8 and now these windows pop up

can anyone help?
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